Current Events Sweepstakes is now Current Events Weekly!

What's Changed
bullet Our name has changed from Current Events Sweepstakes to "Current Events Weekly"
bullet We have a brand new web site with a fresh,new look.
bullet We have a new web site address:
bullet We've replaced the PowerPoint version of the weekly game with a new Online Edition that's easier to use!
What Hasn't Changed
bullet We're the same company (Innovation Associates LLC) with the same question writers
bullet We're still producing the traditional Print Edition of the weekly game.
bullet Existing customers will use the same login process as before.
bullet Each subscriber still receives 38 weekly issues, each with 80 questions.
bullet Same great, reliable customer service!

Be sure to bookmark our new URL:

You should be automatically forwarded to our new site in 30 seconds.
You can also click on the link above to go to our new site immediately.